Talk to me...

Blur of a day.

Hit it head on, and made a lot of progress. Or what felt like progress. We’ll see. Made an early afternoon trip to the gym, came home and went back at it. The new, short piece is going to be interesting if I can make it work. Feels as though it has a lot of potential.

Another rejection a year in the making. I swear, turnaround time is getting worse and worse. What the hell’s wrong with these people?

Weather got a little better today, despite a light dusting of snow last night. Hope we’re inching toward something tolerably warm tomorrow. Make for a shorter day with the little one.

Been waiting for a client call that apparently isn’t going to come.

Signing off.

Small revelations...

New snow coming down. A light one.

Crazy day with the meetings, babies, and all the rest, and now I’m tired and just looking to kick back.

Haven’t been sleeping well, owing to the sore throat, but still managing to get a few things out of the way when I need to.

Friend turned me on to some stories by Breece D ‘J Pancake. When I saw the name I thought it was a joke…until I started reading. What a talent the guy was.

Calling it a night. No more gas in the tank.

Just passing through...

Woke to new snow.

Shoveled, then brewed a pot and headed out to the cottage. Another day of decent revisions, and some good composition. Hammered away until early afternoon, then headed off to the gym for quick workout.

New business stuff tomorrow. Meetings, etc. Glad to have more work coming in.

Weather’s supposed to get even colder tonight. Might have to run the faucet to keep the pipes from freezing.

Tired of winter. Have I mentioned that?

Tired of this damned cold, too.

Looking forward to a quiet night and some good reading.

Young M tomorrow, early.

Sunday Evening, Coming Down...

Productive day.

Got a good start at the keyboard, worked till mid afternoon, then banged it out at the gym for a couple of hours.

Finished the Abernathy book. Not much finesse to it, but wow, what a life. If the man were alive today he’d have PETA , Child Services, the IRS, the courts, Green Peace in hot pursuit.

Cold weather moving in. You can feel it already. Temps supposed to drop into the 20s tonight. Better than wind, I guess. But not much better.

A little less than two weeks before I head down to NM. Need to get the truck into the shop before I go. Make sure all’s good for the road.

Laying up...

Day was more businesslike that expected. Took care of housekeeping duties—personal and otherwise—and didn’t get much going at the keyboard other than to make a few new submissions.

Taking a break from the long piece.

Have to shorts in progress that should keep me busy. Like to spend more time reading as well. Get in at least one piece of short fiction a day, along with some of the longer works I have open.

Weather was supposed to get up into the 50s today, but I doubt it made it. Had a cold wind in our faces much of the day, and got a light dusting of snow tonight.

Cold, or whatever it is, is still hanging around my head. Ears are sore, throat’s sore…

No gym today. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see how things go.


Hoped for a little more out of the day, but will take what I got.

Up later than I’d have liked—didn’t get to the keyboard until 6:45—and had a slow start with the revisions. Mid-morning had a long spell with the plumber, who was replacing a water pipe and spigot on the back patio, and never managed to get completely back on track.

Did a little reading while waiting for the water and gas to be turned back on, and managed a start to a new short piece as well. Also got in a brief trip to the gym. Came home thinking I might catch up, but instead found myself in a long phone conversation with an old acquaintance. Just one of those days, I guess.

Maybe I’ll redeem my self tomorrow.

Until then, a quiet evening.

Building up to something...

Early rise, good morning at the keyboard. For as long as it lasted. Feel as though stepping back from the long piece for a week will be a good idea. Might start on something new tomorrow.

Pretty quiet day, considering.

Spent about an hour on art projects with M, then went off to the store to do a little grocery shopping. Missed the gym, but got in a nap, which is even better. Especially considering the cold/sore throat I’ve been packing.

Managed a little bit of reading, but not much. Abernathy book still holding up. Looking forward to a bookish Friday, if nothing from the commercial world shows up.

Tired of the dreary days.

Need some sunshine and time in the woods. Miss Wyoming like I can’t say.

And here it is, Wednesday...

Back at it early. Kept the throat in check with a couple of Aleve, and managed nearly an entire night’s sleep. Up by six, revising.

Funny, but the last forty or so pages weren’t as confused as I’d believed them to be. They need some serious looking after, but the narrative seems to work, sequentially and otherwise, so maybe I was just tired the last time I reviewed them. Anyway, coming close to needing a break. Want to knock off another short story before I look at this latest pass.

Put in a long morning, then ran off to the gym for a while. Good workout. Best in days. Probably because I slept for a change.

M early tomorrow. Meetings later in the week. Maybe a sleepover with young J on Friday if all goes as planned. Weather warmed today and it sounds as if it’s trending that way for at least a few more days. Should make the babysitting a little easier.

Abernathy book interesting. Enjoying it quite a bit.

The sleep of dreams...

Little M a lot of fun today, but man he’s a handful. Woke a little later than usual after another restless night’s sleep owing to a sore throat, so only got in an hour of early writing.

K stopped by and pitched relief for a while, so I got another nice stretch before it was nap time. All in all, not bad bit of work for Tuesday.

Been kicking around the idea of a road trip in June. A cross country jaunt out to Idaho, Hemingway country, and fish a few rivers between here and Ketchum.

I know. Crazy.

Meanwhile, want to get back to the writing and finish this latest draft before I meet D in Albuquerque.

Beat. Gotta find a way to shake this cold, too.

Cold, colds, etc.,

Damned sore throat’s messing with me. Didn’t sleep for beans last night. Up early and out to the cottage to put in revisions. Did pretty well till I hit the last twenty-five pages. Need to think through what’s going on and maybe consolidate. Been simplifying all the way, and it’s been working until now, but I sense a bit of restructuring might be the solution. We’ll see. Main thing is not to think myself into a hole.

Got over to the gym early this afternoon. Had a nice workout. Gonna miss Nick, the old manager, but I’m happy he’s moving on to something (presumably) better.

Came home and put in a little more revision time, then fielded questions from the brothers and sisters regarding mineral rights. Need to dig up the old paperwork from five years ago, try and clarify things.

Nothing new in the rest of the world. M comes tomorrow, so I hope the weather improves. Still cold out there.

Another Saturday, another cold...

Cold kept me in bed later than usual, but got to the keyboard before seven and covered some pretty good ground.

Went to an early movie, came home and tried to write a little more but by then the energy had run out.

Hit the gym around 2:30 and managed a light workout. Heard by way of rumor the manager, Nick, had resigned. Bummer. He was a good guy.

Weather’s still on the cold side, but not as bad as it was most of the week. Envy D all his fishing time down in Texas. Not sure what the forecast is for the next few days, but hope we see a little more sunshine. Tired of being inside all the time.

Long piece feeling better with each pass. Maybe it’ll come together after all.

Tired. Calling it quits.

Friday, minus one...

Up at 5:00 after a restless night’s sleep, and straight to the keyboard. Worked on new campaign, then took over with the little one for the rest of the day.

Didn’t get out of the house at all. Not even a quick trip to the gym. Just as well. Pretty tired, all things considered.

Down with some sort of bug, too. Cold sort of thing in the nose and throat.

Gonna try and make for another early rise, get back on the long piece while the getting’s good. Temps are supposed to soften up, so that’ll be nice. Break out of this 20 degree stuff.

Had a thought and lost it. Maybe that’s a sign.

Going in.

Pizza and beer.

Zipping right along...

Up at 5:30 and off to the cottage. Good progress. M arrived around eight, and the rest is a history of spilled nail polish, cleaning the litter box, a trip to the pharmacy, some reluctant nap time, and a trip around the block with the wagon.

Funny, but I’m just not up for the SOTU address tonight. Gonna hang back and watch Brigadoon instead. See if I can’t get another early start tomorrow.

Taking it easy...

Steaming ahead with the long piece. Who knows, maybe I’ll finish it some day?

Spent most of the morning taking care of correspondence, billing, and the like. Hit the gym mid-afternoon.

Feels like I worked more than I’m admitting to, but maybe not.

Anyway, M comes early tomorrow. Need to get a good night’s sleep and see if I can start fresh.

Could use a cup of Starbucks.

Just enjoying the day...

Long day at the keyboard. It’s come time to force things a bit, demand more in terms of the narrative’s shape, and that makes for slow going in places. Still, the work is progressing overall an getting tighter and stronger with every pass.

Got an early morning text from D. He’d been out fishing the Guadalupe River and caught himself a lunker rainbow. 22 inches. Man, I’d have liked to be out there with him!

Wandered off to the big train show at the C.S. Event Center, only to find it wasn’t that big, and a long way from eventful. Left after maybe half an hour and came home again for a little more time at the keyboard.

No gym today.

Superbowl tomorrow.

Probably be the first time in forty years I don’t watch at least part of it. I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe I’m getting smarter, or maybe I’m getting more discriminating, but three hours of fatuous yakking by ex-jocks is more than I can stand anymore.

Breathing out...

Got a pretty good jump on the day, but didn’t get as far as I’d hoped. Gonna have to give it another shot tomorrow. Happy with a lot of the revisions I’ve made, but still have work ahead. Was dealing with some simple edits and feeling cocky about it before I ran into a mine field of ugly. Serves me right for thinking this new pass was going to be easy.

Hit the gym a little later than usual, but got in a nice workout anyway. The new heavy bag came in, so got to catch up on my boxing. Yeah. Back to the old routine. Felt good.

Read a nice essay by Rick Bass. He talked about the losses you have to suffer to live the life of a writer. Wasn’t a dark piece by any means, but it did do a chilling job of calculating the returns on one’s investment of time.

More later.

A pot of beef stew needs tending.

Just trying to keep up...

Well. Up early but not time to write. Baby arrived under a full head of steam, and the day went forward from there. Got some good outside time thanks to the break in the cold spell, so the action was non-stop.

Had a presentation to break up the afternoon. Nice to get out for a while, hang with big people. A lot of project work looming. Hope it comes through. Could use the change of pace—and the money wouldn’t be bad either.

Looking forward to a bit of sanity tomorrow. Some quiet time. We’ll see what the day brings. Meantime, going to enjoy a little reading.

Plenty on my plate, but where's the dessert?

This one got away pretty handily. Didn’t do much of anything but chase the young one around. Had a brief excursion with the sled, but the temps were pretty low and he refused a hat and gloves so we kept it to spin around the neighborhood.

Experimented with some of the later pages in the long piece, and think I may have hit on something. Have a bit of restructuring to do to see if it’ll work, but might as well chance it. Can always go back to the old version if it doesn’t work out, right?

Found a draft of a story I was working on last fall. Some good stuff in it. Read it over and thought, good, something to keep me busy between edits. Gonna try and sort out its failings in my head before I leap in on the keyboard, but I think there’s enough decent material there to maybe make a good story.

Finalizing my plans for Albuquerque in March. Looking forward to the drive; always reminds me of my dad. Be nice to catch up with D and the rest of the crew.

Too early to be tired of winter, but I’m tired of winter. Don’t think it’d be that way if I could manage to get out more, but right now that’s not in the cards. Too many commitments. Gotta start taking a harder look at the way I spend my weekends. Start looking for ways to get away.