On point, on schedule...

Played the layabout this morning. Stayed in bed till almost nine. Had a couple of cups of coffee then went to work on a bit of research. Put in some small revisions on an old story, “A Convergence of Interests” just before noon, then went off to the gym for an hour or so. Beautiful, sunny day. Cool, but nice.

Spent the better part of the afternoon window shopping for things around the yard. Got in a little reading, too. A FB friend, Mark Krieger, suggested I look up Tennessee Williams short story, “ The Resemblance Between a Violin Case and a Coffin,” and I did, and was quite charmed by the piece. It had that southern nobility of language. The sort you know would never make it into three quarters of today’s lit journals.

Easter Sunday tomorrow. No big plans except to keep the cars where they are or risk losing a parking space within a mile of the house. That and get in some writing. Should have a few spare moments to work on manuscripts next week, but taking nothing for granted. Happy about the way the new schedule is working, though it still suffers from a few clinks. The morning workouts are good. Energizing. Now if the harebrained clients would only cooperate by keeping to their schedules.