Thursday, the new Friday...

Woke up late, and never caught up with the rest of the day. Too much going on.

Young M showed early. For the next four hours we: ground coffee, sketched, played ‘baby shark’, chased each other around the block with squirt bottles, fed the ducks at the park, and picked our way through lunch. Got some reading in while he napped. That was nice.

Two of the new stories from N were only so-so, if that. Was hoping for a winner, and still am, so fingers crossed going into the third.

Looking forward to a good night’s sleep and a fresh crack at things tomorrow. Could use a good day at the keyboard. Gonna let the long piece sit and push on with the new short.

Nice day, and not at all what the weather service predicted. A little breezy, but sunny and clear.

Great expectations...

Why is it I can’t get a decent post written come day’s end? Too little sleep, I suppose.

Anyway, out of bed before dawn and down to the cottage to write. Started in one direction, changed course and drifted off into another. Think I did some good work, but nowhere near as much as I’d hoped. Went from the long piece, to the commercial pieces I noodled on yesterday, to a new short story.

Weather was good today, if a little cool. Sky was blue, and not a cloud to be seen. Be nice if the trend held so young J and I could go fishing next Monday, before he flies off on his New York adventure.

Have M tomorrow, so won’t be getting in a lot of writing, but maybe I’ll catch a break and be able to read the two new stories from N.

Read by buddy G’s new treatment and enjoyed the hell out of it. Hope someone out in LA discovers the guy soon. God knows he’s put in his dues.

Looking for a shot of energy...

Up early for coffee with my buddy G. Had a nice time, as always. Gave me a copy of his new treatment. Looking forward to it.

Spent the rest of the day in client meetings. That, and catching up with correspondence. Wish I’d slept a little last night. Might have been able to accomplish a few things later this afternoon. But the damned cold, or whatever it is, won’t let go. Woke up at three, slept off an on until four, then not at all. Finally called it quits and got out of bed at 6:00.

Need to take a better run at things tomorrow. Young M due to arrive early. So is the bad weather. They say rain and snow for the rest of the week. Happy for the moisture, but wish it would come on the day’s the baby isn’t here. Makes for a long day stuck inside.

New assignment from N. Have to push things around and make room. Hope it’s a good one.

Going up the country...

Good day.

Up early, wrote a bit, then headed up into the mountains for some spring snow-shoeing. Weather was beautiful, the snow was deep and the sky was blue. Trekked three-plus miles through the woods and was paid back with magnificent views all along the way.

Ran into a couple of deer on the return trail, and a herd of twenty elk grazing on the mountainside on the drive home. Not sure if we’ll get another big snow before the warm weather arrives, but if we don’t this was the kind you want to go out on.

St. Pat’s Day tomorrow. Kids are coming over for dinner. Gonna try out the new pressure cooker and see how we fare.

Finding new things to consider in my re-read of Hem’s Garden of Eden. Have to wonder how it would have turned out if he’d lived to finish it. Can’t recall finding it as interesting the first time around, but maybe I’ve matured. Or maybe I’m just older and more forgiving.

Beat now from all the sun and air. Calling it quits for the night.

Return of the sunshine...

Productive Friday, for being all over the place. Up early to the keyboard. Made some good revisions on the long piece, managed some research, cleared up some billing issues and even got to the gym.

Two rejection slips today. One was quick and considerate, the other came after a query I sent off the night before. They’d had the piece over a year. Handed me a standard “no thanks” without any mention of an apology for holding the story up so long. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have seemed out of the ordinary. It’s a slow grind. Stuff happens. But here’s the thing, if you proudly state on your submissions page that you turn manuscripts around in two month’s time, then hey, turn them around.

There. Enough.

The good in all of this is that (a) it’s Friday, and (b) there’s snow-shoeing tomorrow. Looking forward to getting away. At least for a while.

Big Blizzard...

What started as a damp, drizzly morning has now turned into a full-fledged blizzard. Hats off to the meteorologists for finally getting one right.

Was up early and out the door before seven for a coffee meeting that somehow never happened. Hung around the coffee shop an obligatory forty minutes, then headed back home to catch up on my edits. No worries. They day progressed as expected until the lights went out and the internet crashed.

Pretty nasty out there with the big winds and snow, and am just happy none of the trees have fallen or been stripped of their branches. It’ll take until tomorrow to see what the damage is, but so far so good.

Allergies are picking up, presumably because of the wind. Took a Sudafed last night and woke at 1:00 am, which wasn’t so nice, but may be forced to take another tonight. We’ll see. Meanwhile, going to kick back and turn up the TV to knock down the sound of the wind.

It's only Tuesday...

Blur of a day.

Up early to work, then the rest of the day looking after the little one. Not much in between. Played a little t-ball, chased around the yard, went for a short walk, then had lunch and a nap and started the whole process over. Thankfully, the weather was nice.

Looking at a full-fledged blizzard tomorrow, but figure to meet up with my buddy G before the rough stuff blows in. Be nice to catch up, see how he’s doing. The rest of the day will go to the sundry commercial projects piling up on my desk.

Looking forward to spring. Have I mentioned that lately?

Start of the week...

Still not dialed into the Daylight Savings Time thing. Up early, but met with a few bumps in the road before finally getting going.

Busy day with research, client meetings, client calls, and tax matters. Happy for all but the very last, which is always a pain in the paperwork. Anyway, all worked out so it’s on to tomorrow.

Lots of new projects, lots of old projects, and less time than usual to get them finished.

Weather’s been nice, if a bit cool, and supposed to remain so through tomorrow. Hope they’re right. Maybe M and I can manage a trip to the park. Or play a little T-ball in the front yard.

A quarter of the way into my second reading of Garden of Eden. Glad I picked it up again. Interesting to see where Hemingway’s mind was in his final years.

Shooting the moon...

Just back from a walk around the block. Nice day if you didn’t stand in the wind. Temps dropped from yesterday and the forecasters are promising rain much of the week. We’ll see.

Up early, but an hour later than expected thanks to the winding forward of the clocks. Have come to loathe daylight savings time, and wish they’d do away with it. Made some good headway, nonetheless, and it looks as though some of my earlier revisions did their job.

Went to see the documentary, Apollo 11, this afternoon, and loved it. A lot of material I hadn’t seen before, particularly control room stories about the project’s engineering. Felt like watching a home movie at times. Really brought me back.

Lotta work tomorrow. Glad to be busy.

Fast forward to tomorrow...

Pretty day. Blue sky, lots of sun. Snow’s almost disappeared again. Worked through most of the morning, then took a break to go grocery shopping. Turns out that’s where the afternoon went. Guess I’ll have to regroup and try again tomorrow.

Was hoping to get to the gym, or at least go out for a walk, but both got scuttled by the clock. Now I’m looking at losing another hour to Daylight Savings Time. This is probably the week to think about reworking the schedule, see if I can make more out of the mornings. Be an easier decision if I were closer to the end of the long piece. Hard to come by blocks of uninterrupted time anymore.

Had a nice time at J & K’s last night. Stayed up too late, but that’s okay. The company was good, and so was the food.

Might try the movie tomorrow. Get a head start on a couple of projects when I get home. Haven’t heard much of anything from anybody lately, and I feel like I’m working in some kind of cosmic vacuum. Have three or four pieces that’ve been under consideration a year. One at two years. Another, crazy as it sounds, that’s still active nearly five years in. Just best not to think about it, I guess.

Looking forward to a quiet night.

A cup of Starbucks.

Flight of fancy...

Up early enough, but got a slower start on the day than I’d hoped. Plugging away at a number of things, some commercial, some not. Plate full, as usual.

Got some reading in between the interruptions, and trip to the gym, too. Also got a haircut, so I guess I’m ready to roll.

Evening out tonight with JS and K. Look forward to catching up. Hear there’s fondu in our future. Probably a mini-concert as well. End-of-the-week tired, but I’m sure I’ll perk up once the festivities kick in.

Like to get to a movie tomorrow. Heard the Apollo 11 documentary is outstanding, so maybe I’ll get lucky.

One more day...

Early rise, early to work. Made some pretty good headway before the baby came, after that a wild day of grinding coffee, chasing the cats, knocking down castles, making cookies.

Read a Salvatore Scibona story, “Do Not Stop,” while M was down for a nap. Been saving the piece for a month, looking for the right time to look it over, and was happy I’d set it aside.

Lots of sun today. Snow’s almost gone. No gym, but that’s on me. Need to re-work my schedule so I can get back to my early morning routine.

Tired. Really tired. Signing off.

Here comes the sun...

Managed an early rise, and some good edits.

Cranked along until noon, when I did some voice work for one of the clients. Revised a couple of TV spots after that, then lit out for the gym and the bank. All in all, a productive day.

Weather warmed considerably since last night. Much of the snow’s gone and the snowman looks like the immolated remains of an alien from outer space.

Did some grocery shopping before heading home, but that pretty much sums up the excitement. Not much else to report.

Young M back again tomorrow. Looking forward to a crazy day, and an early weekend.

Still winter...

Getting more and more light every morning. Got in some good edits before young M arrived, then shifted gears, went outside and built a snowman.

Long day, but a good one.

Have a lot to catch up on tomorrow. Stories, ads, correspondence. Billing.

Missed the gym today, and with daylight savings time coming this weekend, need to rethink my schedule and maybe consider early mornings again. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, gonna sit back and try not to think too much.

On the wing...

Yeah, so, some of these entries have been pretty weak. Mostly owing to fatigue, some owing to a lack of adventure, and some from just plain laziness. Gonna try and break that habit when I get back from New Mexico. Expect to be off the grid here for the next three days, and maybe the road will help bring back some of the energy.

Got something good going with the new short. First half of it, anyway. Can see the shape of the end, but will probably need to take a detour or two before getting there. Again, some time on the road should clear the mind.

Haven’t been inside my folks house in three years. I expect that leg of the journey will be a little strange. Might be about the same amount of time since I’ve seen D. Which is just as hard to believe.

Have to try and leave before 10:30. Make a nice clean getaway. Not worry about anything and just enjoy the time behind the wheel.

Fingers crossed I don’t run into any storms. Coming, or especially going

That’s it.

Moving along...

Mid-week, and going fast.

Up late. Fell back to sleep, somehow, after an early rise.

Put in work on the new story, then hit the gym. Big day, politically. TVs blazing.

Young M tomorrow.

Albuquerque the day after that.

Truck repairs finished tomorrow, too.

We’ll see where everything else goes.

All over the place...

Day flew.

Little M a jewel all day.

Just back from dropping the truck off at Stanley’s for some minor repairs before the road trip to Albuquerque.

Need to jump on my N reviews tomorrow, and try to make a little more headway with the new piece.

Nothing much else to report.

Picked up a “Hungry Hippos” game at the grocery this afternoon. Boys went crazy playing it after school.