Things to think about...

Up early to work on the Philharmonic joint. Cold morning.

Worried about Kit. Have an appointment to take him in on Friday for a checkup. He’s been drinking a lot of water lately. Been a little aloof, too.

Boys here for dinner. Both have colds. Yeah, colds. Again.

Cold play...

Snow. Seven or eight inches. More, it seems, than we got most of last winter. Anyway, good to have it. Not sure how long it’ll last, but good to have it.

Working through new drafts of “Money Shot.” Keep finding different angles, different layers. Nice to get lost in something new. Thought I’d have a workable reader draft at this point, but it is what it is and I don’t want to give it up until I’ve explored all the possibilities.

Gonna be a busy week. Already a busy week. Have a new commercial project due tomorrow, and a handful of two-year old showing up early, to keep things interesting.

Made it to the gym today. Lots of folks running around the place today. Cold weather? Who knows.

Had a dream last night about champagne glasses. When was the last time I tasted champagne? When was the last time I slept through the night?

Seeing what isn't there...

It occurred to me not moments ago that I may have wasted the entire year on a project that didn’t deserve the effort.

I’ve written my way out of tight spots before, and maybe it I can do it here, too. But for the moment, all I want to do lie down and go to sleep. Wake up on a different day.

Breathe in, breathe out...

Well, it never did rain. Sun actually came out for a while, though the wind kept things on the brisk side. Spent most of the day chasing after the little one, but did manage to get a small window to work early in the afternoon. Pushed two N reviews out the door and started a read on a new story. Novel excerpt that, if keeps going the way it has, is going to get kicked upstairs.

Went out for a brief walk and wagon ride late afternoon. Thought it might go south at first, but everything settled and it was all right in the end. Never seen a child so reluctant to be ferried around. Never.

Got a quick look at the long piece this morning. Still have my fingers crossed I can make quick work of the clean up. Right now it feels further away than I’d hoped, but it’s tough to tell without a long critical sit-down. Don’t want to speculate at this point. All I can do is to keep driving ahead.

Elections today. Whatever comes of them, I hope it improves peoples attitudes. I’m tired of the din.

Over, under, sideways, down...

Kind of quiet, for a Monday. Thought it might be colder, too, but as November goes it wasn’t a bad showing. Blue skies. Sun. A bit of wind.

Spent most of the morning making revisions. Some of it reading. Managed a trip to the gym early afternoon and fudged my way through another early-week workout. Forearm’s been sore, but seems to be getting better. Wonder how much of that was the result of skipping the thyroid meds for a few days? Guess we’ll see.

Election day tomorrow. Be glad to have the whole circus behind us—at least for a few months. I take my hat off to anybody serious enough about public service they’d choose to enter politics without having a gun put to their head. What a blessed, but godawful profession.

Young M scheduled to show tomorrow. Need to get a good night’s sleep. Weatherman says rain or snow. Why is it the forecast always stinks when the little people show?

And suddenly, it's dark again...

Well, Daylight Saving Time came as promised, and as always the extra hour was welcomed and well-spent. Dug back into the long piece and wrote a short scene that will have a large impact on the arc of the narrative. Now I just need the time to work through the ripples it left in its wake. Also made another small but significant revisions to “Money Shot.” Feel as if I finally have the ending in place, and that with the exception of a few small tweaks will be able to put together a decent reader copy.

Cold, overcast day today. Spent most of it around the house. Made a brief trip to the grocery store to pick up fixings for beef stew, but that was the extent of my travels. Got off a letter to my sister, and another to D, who I haven’t spoken to for way way way too long. Need to remedy that.

Read a couple of new N stories late this afternoon. They were both competent, but one of them had some real promise.

Sunrise, civilized man...

Up early reading, polishing “Money Shot.” Feeling like I get closer with each pass, but the revisions keep opening new possibilities. Don’t want to let go until the last of them runs out. Got caught up on the long work, too, after weeks of leaving it alone. Felt pretty good about what I read and look forward to diving in tomorrow. Hope the energy sticks. If it does, the last pass through ought to go pretty quickly.

A low bank of gray clouds has made its way down the front range. Expect to get at least a light dusting of snow tonight despite the fact the weather folks called for a fifty degree day. Forecast is up and down for most of the coming week, so it’s tough to know what’ll blow in. Gonna have some changes in the schedule with young J spending the entire day on Friday and his bro later than usual on Thursday, but it’s that time of year, I guess. Forget, sometimes, how much the holidays turn things upside down.

No gym today. Been unusually tired and sore owing to the fact I’ve been off the thyroid Rx for days, so maybe the rest was good. Gonna get in an extra hour tonight with the change in Daylight Saving Time, so should be able to get a strong fresh start in the morning.


Don’t know what it is—maybe two nights, back to back, up late—but it’s a little after 5:00 and I’m already dragging.

Caught up with my buddy G, early this morning for coffee over at Kairos. Great time, as always. Good to see him doing well. Got home a little later than usual, and begged off writing in favor of cleaning house. Yeah, I know. But it happened and it’s over and now I can go on with my life again. At least for another two weeks.

Summoned up the energy to go to the gym, but didn’t have much in the tank afterward. Did some grocery shopping, then came home and put in time researching stuff no one on the planet but me cares about. In the process, ran across an account of the late Jesse Winchester on the Appalachian Literary Review website. Nice piece. Brought back a lot of memories. Was sixteen or seventeen, working at a dog grooming/kennel in Brinklow, Maryland when I first heard him. Used to call in the local radio station from the office phone and request the song “Yankee Lady” at least once a day. Saw him live at the C.S. Fine Arts Center a year or two before he died. What an incredible singer-song writer.

And speaking of music and musicians, what a terrific concert last night. Always amazed at what a talent JS is.

Waking the dead...

Woke to snow yesterday morning and figured Halloween to be a loss. Decorated the front porch in case a few stragglers dropped by, but left the rest in the living room. Lo and behold, the morning cleared, much of the snow melted, and by 4:30 I was standing on the roof with the Wicked Witch of the West. Carved five big pumpkins for the occasion. Dressed out the graveyard and crypt, fired up the fog machines. The works. Glad we stuck with it. Probably had seven hundred visitors, including J who appeared sometime around seven in a superhero costume.

Dragged all of the skeletons, ghouls, hobgoblins and whatnot back into the house for the night, then woke early and returned them all to storage until next year. Quite the operation, though most of it’s organized mayhem so it was more time-consuming than anything. Tired from the late down, early up, but have tickets to see J. Standish in concert tonight at Stargazers. Also have an early morning coffee with my buddy George tomorrow. Guess I’m just gonna have to suck it up and wait till the weekend to sleep.

Baby, the rain must fall...

Dark, and it’s just started to spit a cold rain.

Spent the early part of the day writing, the rest resurrecting Halloween goods from the basement and getting them in place. Spent the afternoon shopping for odds and ends, then driving out to school to pick up the boys.

Sky’s got a wintry feel to it. The weather folks might get one right for a change, predicting snow. Three to six inches they say. We’ll see. Anything significant and we can figure on a light turnout for Halloween. Hope that’s not the case after dragging all of the skeletons out of the closet, but judging from what’s coming down, gonna be prepared.

Lot of dark dreams last night. Wonder what that’s about. Whatever, looking forward to a quiet sleep tonight.

Ready to jump back in on the long piece. Been too long since I looked at it.

Winding up...

Up early. Had a quick cup of coffee before young J woke, then off to IHOP for breakfast. What a terrific sleepover. Ate ersatz chicken valeria for dinner, watched Monsters, Inc., and read Kipling’s “How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin.” Much happiness all around.

Got a little bit of writing in during the afternoon, but spent most of the day getting the Halloween decorations out of storage and hunting for new accoutrements. Pretty weather. Hope a little of it lingers for Halloween night.

Lots going on tomorrow. Need to start pushing harder. Feel as if I’ve been on vacation since putting the long work down.

Pens and needles...

Nice morning to write. The new story keeps getting stronger in revision. Hope to have a reader draft soon.

Read the NYer’s latest bit of fiction and found it wanting. Sorely wanting. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the day, I don’t know. But I found it so perplexing I had to email TJ about it and ask his opinion. Had a partial response within an hour. More to come, the note said.

Hit the gym a little after 1:00 for a brief workout, then off to make copies of the landman papers and get a flu shot at the new pharmacy.

Home now and ready to catch up on the day’s news.

Young J comes tomorrow for a sleep over.

Wild Thursday...

Breakdown of day…

1/2 hour watching M pull his zipper up and down

1/2 hour taking “sharp” and “danegeress” objects from M

1/2 hour strapping M in car seat

1/2 hour riding escalators at the Citadel

3/4 hour attempting to feed M a hearty and nutritious lunch

1/2 hour dueling with plastic cooking basters

1 1/2 hour at gym, trying to unlive the horror of the early part of the day

1/2 hour listening to M whine

3/4 hour grocery shopping with M

1/2 hour listening to M squawk “My chicken!” while ferrying him and his brother around the block in a wagon

1/2 hour searching for “lost” Matchbox vintage Corvette that only moments earlier was sitting safely on the dining room table

Summary: Tomorrow’s flu shot is looking more exciting by the second

Midweek Missive...

Up later than usual today, but made the most of it. Got in some good edits on the new story, which I’ve tentatively titled, “Money Shot.” Nice to have another piece in works.

Came downstairs to a light rain this morning. Perfect timing after having winterized the lawn(s) on Monday. They say it’s going to be a long, dry winter. I hope not. But this year I’m going to water once a month, just to be safe.

Sent off my N reviews before heading off to the gym. Two nice essays. Had been in a dry spell for a while, but these pieces turned things around. Hope the good luck keeps running my way.

Plan to hit the sack early tonight, get a head start on Thursday. Need to give Mom a call first, which may undermine that ambition, but here goes.

A Sunny Sunday...

Up early to work on the new short piece. Still feeling good about its possibilities. Put in at the keyboard until 11:00, then drove down to Phantom Canyon to do a little dead tree hunting. Found a couple of good-looking Gambol oak, long deceased, and tossed them in the bed of the truck and brought them home as backdrops to the Halloween “graveyard” tableaux.

Got back early afternoon and spent the rest of the day teak-oiling the doors and patio furniture. The new Wyoming gate looks especially good.

Pretty fall afternoon. Would have preferred to spend it fishing, but the work needed to be addressed and it’s always better to do it while the weather’s nice.

Gonna turn in early tonight. Been thinking about changing my routine and hitting the gym early again, but have gotten used to the morning writing routine and hate to give it up. We’ll see. Meantime, I’ll stick with what I have and make the most of it.

Today's hustle...

Slept in this morning. Put in some revisions on the new short for a while, then took off for Tinseltown to see a movie. Quiet day for the most part. Did some grocery shopping, and picked up a few items for tree pruning and yard clean up. Beautiful weather again. Sunny, shirtsleeve warm.

A much needed distraction...

Woke at 5:00, but decided to go back to bed and get some extra rest. Hit the keyboard around 7:00, and put an end on the new short piece. Think it’s going to be a nice story after I get everything in place. Hope so, anyway.

Took off for Bighorn Sheep Canyon around 11:00 to do a little fishing. On the water three and a half hours without a single strike before calling it a day. Beautiful day. Water was down quite a bit, but the sky was blue and the sun was out, and the temps held in the 60s. Had a good time.


Up and writing by 6:30. Dark and quiet walking out to the cottage at that hour, but the rest isn’t bad given the cold hasn’t set it in yet. Young M arrived early, ready to go. Had a nice day today.

Took a break mid-morning to help my neighbor Hank move furniture into his Air B&B. They’ve done quite a job with the place. Quite a job.

Elections four weeks away. Be glad to get that behind us. Tired of all the negative news, though it’s hard to remember a time when it wasn’t negative.

Feel as if my thyroid Rx is off. Tired, sore. Black mood. Maybe I’ll take a kitchen pass and go fishing tomorrow. Might be the antidote. That, and a movie on Saturday. Sunday’s reserved for a drive through Phantom Canyon.

Tired. Need to hit the sack earlier tonight.