Cause for celebration...

Late start to work today. Empty tank at the keyboard, too. Pushed to finish another project, but it just wouldn’t come. Trying not to get frustrated, because I know where that’ll lead. Maybe an early start tomorrow will do the trick.

The few leaves the spring hailstorms left on the trees are clinging tight to life. They’re still green while most of the big trees on the block have gone a soft yellow, or lost their foliage altogether. Felt like fall today. The air cool and packing the threat of snow.

Talked about building a small office in the garage. Think it’s a good idea, what with the changes coming down. Be nice to know I could steal away when necessary and get a few words written in private.

Got word from the nice folks at The New Guard Review that my story, “Requiem for a Bantamweight,” was a finalist in the Machigonne Fiction Contest. Story will appear in the Spring issue (volume IV) of 2015. Was hoping for the $1000 first prize, but more than happy to have ended up in such talented company.