Stepping up to the Plate...

Early doings at the office. Research for a new commercial project.

Indian summer came back by mid-morning with temps straining toward seventy. Skies clear and blue and full of light. Wish I’d been kicking around in the mountains, but not much chance of that for while. Too many comings and goings.

NLCS game between SF and St. Louis last night was a great one. Tied in the bottom of the ninth, and the first batter up (Wong) hits a homer to right field. Series tied at one game each. Hope it stays tight.

Finished the re-write of yet another existing piece today. Or maybe a better way of saying it, I’m so sick of this story I can’t bear to work on it any longer. Either way, it’s as good as it’s going to get. So tomorrow it goes in the mail.

Out walking today, I was thinking of all the fist readers who’ve pushed an editor to take a second look at a story. Or who’ve gone on to champion a piece no one else believed in. Man, those people are something special.