On Leaves and leaving...

One more in a long, long line of autumn days. Maybe the best yet. Temps in the seventies. Warm and sunny. Leaves tumbling down out of the sky, red and yellow. Took a long walk and couldn't get enough.

More work at the office. No time to sit with a story, but the day’s not over. Maybe work in a few lines this evening, before dinner. Three pieces sent out this week—one new, two revised—so no need to hurry on anything. Just get it right. Besides, big game tonight. Cards down, needing a comeback to stay in it.

Trip to Albuquerque tomorrow. Five hours on the road. There through Sunday, then back again. D arrives on Monday. Stays through Thursday morning. Next six or seven days lost to any serious writing time, but will make up for it late next week. Need to pay a visit to the library to do some research. Legwork on a new novel.