Slow goings...

Friday, just before 5:00 pm. Looking out my office window two stories up and seeing nothing but clear blue skies. Took a walk this morning and watched a black lab leaping in the air, snapping at the leaves sifting down out of a big old elm. Going at it as if it was the only thing in the world. This has to be the happiest autumn to visit Colorado Springs in ten years.

Trying to find my way back into the quiet place after all the crazy doings of late. Got a little writing time this afternoon, but too late to make a serious push on the stories closest to being finished. Settled for doing a light revise, then went on to other business. Better to cut bait, get up early, and start fresh.

Yawning as I write this. Feel like I’ve been saving up for a good sleep. Haven’t had one for nearly two weeks, so maybe tonight’s the night to cash in. Fingers crossed. Leaving for home now.