A Hodgepodge of things...

One of those Mondays. A hodgepodge of small things buzzing around your head with the lazy tenacity of houseflies. Refusing to be swatted, but refusing just as strenuously to be backed off.

Got some good revisions in on a new-old piece that’s ready to be sent back out. This time I think it’s there.

Temps were perfect again, as was the day itself. I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed the fall sun so much. Gave the lawn a ballpark cut yesterday, then winterized it. It already looks like it could use another trimming.

Saw that Colum McCann is coming to the Colorado College in December. Gotta mark the date. First book of McCann’s I’d ever read, Songdogs, blew me away. So did the last, Everything in this Country Must.