Do not go gently...

Sunday. Dreary weather made it seem like a lost weekend, but in truth made headway on three stories, had two entertaining dinners with friends, and no one blew up the world while I wasn't looking.

Gonna have a quiet night tonight. Relax and watch TV. Recharge for the busy week ahead. Maybe read the Dave Eggers story in this week’s NYer.

Can feel the holidays creeping up. Excited to see what rounds the bend, but feel like a kid on an out-of-control bicycle wanting to put his sneaker in the gravel and slow things down.

Time…space-time…geologic time…island time…Lombardi time…soap opera time…writing time…. They’re all real. All conspiring to do us dirt. We have to spend every waking moment cheating them of the things they’re trying to steal from us.