A bloody fun weekend...

Spent Friday decorating the house for Halloween. Old tradition was, decorate the day of, undecorated the day after. But the front end of that arrangement may have to change next year. Too much involved, too many props, too many close calls scrabbling across the roof.

Halloween night—crazy. Went through 1,200 pieces of candy. Must have been 700 trick-or-treaters, easily. (Note: the Old North End is a destination at Halloween. People drive here from all over town to witness the show.) Nice part was, got to see a lot of kids in great costumes having fun.

Cut open right thumb while cleaning up the next day. Bled like hell, but finger cuts always do. Have it wrapped up in gauze, hoping it won’t need the attention of a professional. Been down that road more times than I’d care to remember.

Took it easy today. Wrote a little past noon, then went off to a movie. Trying to shake off a cold, so sitting around doing nothing was a good thing—despite the fact the movie itself wasn’t much to write home about. Cool air is moving in. Looking forward to a night in front of the fireplace.