Late to rise...

Rolled out of the sack at the ungodly (and wonderful) hour of 9:00! Where did that come from? What great timing!

Went to work on a newer draft, and made surprising headway in a short period of time. Hope the whole story goes that way, but easy solutions don’t come as easily as they used to when you mature as a writer. You’re always looking for ways to deepen stories instead of end them. Not sure you hit any more homeruns than you did when you were quick to get the pieces out the door, but you enjoy the challenge of trying.

Read two terrific television treatments this afternoon. Both by a good friend and longtime colleague. One of the pieces is already in production with MGM, and should find its way on air before long. The other is looking for a home. Hoping each enjoys great success.

Weather turning colder. Hard to believe tomorrow is December 1st.