Politics, as usual...

Closed my eyes while sitting on the porch swing this afternoon. Sound of hammers all over the neighborhood. The roofing companies made a killing this summer after the big hailstorms. Almost every other house in the Old North End got a new roof, us included. Work won’t pick up here until spring, but that’s okay. After the kitchen renovation, I’m in no big hurry.

Day got busted up due to some unforeseen doings, but still managed to get some good work in on one of my newer drafts. Looking for that breakout week when three or four pieces come together at once. It’ll happen again, right?

Eve of the election. Going to turn on a movie instead of watching the news coverage. Can’t do that to myself anymore. Voted, and now it’s up to everybody else. Morning paper can be counted on to deliver all the surprises anybody cares about or needs to know.

Miss Wyoming tonight. Sorry I got rained off the mountain when I did. Next year it’s gonna be different. I’m making a point of it.