Revisions, repairs, and tactical retreats...

Just back from the butcher shop. Steak tonight, hot off the grill. Mashed potatoes and broccoli on the side.

Busy day today. Wrote till nearly two, coming close to a new readable draft. With luck, might make it so tomorrow.

Wallpaper repairman showed at 10:00 and finished the patchwork in the dining room. Seamless job. Once painted, no one will ever know it had ever been ripped.

Made an attempt to grocery shop later in the day, but found the store overrun with customers. Decided to ditch the crowd and make a beeline for home instead. Wise move, I think.

Fertilized the new lawn and treated it with ironite. Already itching to see what it will look like come spring. Do you aerate a new lawn? Seems like no, but will have to do some research.

Going out to fire up the grill.