Christmas is a coming...

Busy day. Up early, some quick revisions, then out the door to the office to clear up the paper cluster on my desk. More beautiful weather, coming and going. Wore cargo shorts and light jacket all day. Enjoying it now, as the weather folks are calling for snow on Sunday.

Contributor copies from the Tulane Review arrived yesterday. My story, “Give Me Your Tomorrows” is in it. The piece was loosely based on a terrible accident that took place a few years ago at the 7-Eleven store on Colorado Avenue. A girl was burned to death after having been pinned between her car and a gas pump, due to the negligence of another driver. An awful, awful thing.

Can feel the holidays breathing down my neck, and still don’t have all the decorating in place, much less the shopping. Managed to trim the tree last night—all eight-feet plus of it—and to borrow a phrase from the kids, it rocks. Looking to get everything else in place over the next day or so. We’ll see. This time of year, everyone seems to bite off more than they can chew.

Miss my folks. Need to give them a shout. The kid, too.