Calling it a day...

Spent the early part of the morning in front of the keyboard. Later, checked on some minor progress in the kitchen (patching and mudding). Week nine of the renovation is creeping to a close with almost nothing new to see.

Wrote and posted a review on Amazon today for James Hanna’s The Siege. Told him to think fondly of me if his sales reach a million, and he wrote back promising me a role in the movie. What more could I ask for? He’s a good writer. Hope things go well for him.

The New Yorker arrived in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to reading it. I’m currently without a novel in hand, so will have to go on the hunt for something new. Part of me wants to pull an old classic off the shelf. Another part of me wants to re-read Don Delillo’s Underworld. Maybe I’ll do both.