Stuck in the doldrums...

Burning bushes are in the ground. Next on the agenda, a ton of dirt to smooth over the peaks and valleys left behind by the tree removal and stump grinding men. Then grass seed. Will have to wait for next spring to pass judgment on what we’ve done to the yard.

Same holds for the neighbors. Everybody on the block got hit hard by the big hailstorm back in May, so we’re all taking turns having things repaired or replaced. Another new roof went up across the street. A partial down the block. Ours comes in the fall, when the kitchen renovation’s finished.

Been working like hell, but having a hard time getting enthusiastic about anything. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the gloomy weather…or the general feeling that, despite the wheels turning, we don’t seem to be going anywhere. Anyway, nothing’s fun right now. Not even reading.