Hard to believe it’s almost August. The kitchen job has knocked time all out of kilter, imposing itself on every other part of the summer’s comings and goings. But things are moving forward. Or so I’m told.

Close to finishing the working draft of my newest story, and excited about its prospects. It’s coming in just under 5,000 words, but feels like fewer. Hope that’s a good sign. Another couple of pages should see it to its proper end. Might reach that point tomorrow.

Turns out the Dalhousie Review’s acceptance of “Blues Legend,” marks the occasion of my 50th story finding its way into publication. Two of the pieces in this mix—“Photograph,” and “Riffs on My Dad”—were reprinted, so depending on how you look at it, the count could still rest at 48.

Either way, I’m good. Look for another celebration in the future.