A Number of Small Surprises...

Many comings and goings today. One step closer to having the kitchen project buttoned up. Last repairs to the basement. Door hardware installed. Wires located and ready for the electricians. Tomorrow will see the last coat of sealer applied to the hardwood.

On a different front, found the ending I’d been searching for, and completed a good draft of a new story. Still some cleanup work to do, but expect the navigation to be easier now that I know the narrative’s destination. Might give it a rest tomorrow and move on to the next piece.

Funny. A good friend posted a number of Facebook entries praising the short story, and what came back in return were comments from folks who, by their own admission, loved short fiction but hadn’t read any in years. Strange, given we live in a day and age in which everything seems to be drifting toward the nano.

 So much good writing out there. So many new voices to discover.