Pictures vs. A Thousand Words...

Beautiful morning. Sunny, warm, not a bit of humidity. Things finally seem to be falling into place. Finished (or nearly finished) revisions on two stories, both of which were clipped by at least 1000 words. Also got a head start on a third. Maybe the coming weeks will bring an uptick in productivity.

Reading a lot of short fiction at the moment, some of which is inspiring and some of which is baffling. Best to try and stay centered. Believe in what’s yours, in your own voice. Remind yourself each day it doesn’t matter what anyone else does.

R. Smith forwarded a short film today in which Sean Hemingway (Gregory’s son, Ernest’s grandson), curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, talks about paintings that influenced his grandfather’s work. Most of the material was familiar. Even so, it was a good reminder that if you’re looking for a new way to craft a story, sometimes the road less traveled is the one to take.