Ups and downs...

Finished a story today. Short piece, just under 2000 words. Have a specific market in mind for it, but will hold off sending it out until I get back from Wyoming. Give it (and me) time to rest. Another piece (just under 3000 words) is also close to being finished. Maybe by week’s end.

Sky was blue today, lit up with the Colorado sun that’s been vagrant most of the past few weeks. Felt nice. Don’t mean to complain about the rain—especially after the great fires of years past—but overcast skies are my Achilles heel. I can only take the grey so long.

Had a dream last night that I was helping build a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Two-thirds scale. Something went wrong in the construction of the arm that holds the torch aloft, and when we (We? who were those other people!) attempted to correct the problem the structure toppled, cracking into pieces.