Apres Labor Day...

Restless sleep last night. Woke early, did a bit of the writing in the head, then repaired to the keyboard for the real thing. Worked on the hunters story, and found its ending. Now to smooth out the voice, clean up the details, and get it in the mail.

Beautiful day, if a bit muggy. Cool, but pleasant. Things are supposed to warm up as the week goes on, temps hitting near ninety by Thursday. Even so, it’ll be okay. The threat of hot weather this time of year never holds much fear. It goes as quickly as it arrives.

Fall is a fine time for reflection. Also, fishing. It’s especially nice when you can find a tidy way to combine the two—an ambition I hope to realize (soon and often) now that the construction work is finished and the lawn is back to being lawn again. Final inspection of kitchen tomorrow. Fingers crossed!