Road trips...

Got some painting in yesterday, which almost made up for the next-to-nothing I did today. Weather people said rain, so of course there wasn’t any. Took advantage of an overcast afternoon to drive around and do a little shopping. Tonight, dinner at a friend’s.

New lawn is looking good. Hoping it’ll get strong enough to survive the winter before it goes dormant. Gave the new patch its first mowing yesterday. Much to be hopeful about.

Saw a Wyoming tourism billboard for Devil’s Tower on the way home from the store. The art direction a retro illustration in those washed out colors you used to see in the sixties.

Reminded me of a vacation we took as kids. All along the way, at all the different monuments, we’d cross paths with this guy—a college student, maybe—riding a Schwinn ten speed. He wore a red beret. I don’t recall the color of his bike, but the last time I saw him was outside an A&W somewhere near the Tetons.

What a trip that must have been.