Sunday, 7:22 pm...

Woke up with teeth on edge, feeling like somebody’d busted me in the mouth. Wrote a while, then gassed up the pickup and headed into the mountains for a day of fishing. Beautiful, driving up the pass. Sunny and cool. Reached Woodland Park and the rain began, worsening by the time I found myself in Florissant.

Turned back eventually. Knew there wasn’t any point. But the ride up was nice just the same. Everything was still green. Dark clouds and a bit of lightning, but nothing serious. The fires of the past few years seem a long way away now, unless of course you find yourself in a burn area.

Drove through Manitou on the way into town. Streets overrun with happy-looking people. Stopped at King Soopers to pick up a few things for dinner then came home, took a walk, and mowed the lawn. Got a busy week coming up. Need to ramp into high gear. Close on so many projects.