Third day straight with overcast skies. Felt warm today, but the snow hasn’t given much ground, and the town’s taken on that tired gray look of a stalled Midwestern winter.

Managed a few revisions on “Desperado” before going into the office, then spent the better part of the day reworking brochure copy. Waiting to see what revisions might be in store before making a commitment on my road trip.

Feel like I’ve fallen into the doldrums, but was reminded I’ve been sick since well before Christmas. Which is true. Just wish I could summon up the energy to get another story out the door. That, or get a good run at Riverbound again.

A Hundred pages into Unbroken, and enjoying it. Again, it’s not Seabiscuit, but what is? Need to remind myself to get out and pick up the new Johnson novel…also the new edition of Best American Short Stories. It’s that time of year, right?