This Pilgrim's Progress...

The two pieces for the San Francisco workshop are out the door. Hallefreakinglujah. Figured to have them finished two days ago, but should have known better. Anyway, they’re out of my hair and I won’t have to look at them again until January.

Took care of housekeeping this morning. Sent letters to four or five pubs, inquiring after manuscripts. All over a year in the slush pile. Only one’s written back so far, but based on experience that’s one more than I’d expected. The story in question had been lost or misplaced. Worst part was, it cost me an IRC. Which are nearly impossible to come by. Half of our U.S. Postal Service employees don’t even know what they are.

Sunny day. Sunny, brisk, and full of fall. Saw the Cristo “Over the River” installation working its way through the courts in Denver. Would love to see it resolved, favorably, for Cristo. If it’s okayed, I have a serious notion to apply for a job on the crew. Fingers crossed.