Sluggin away...

Cold start to the week. Slow one, too. Still, managed to get some good revisions going. One of the new untitled stories feels closer than I thought when I put it away. Knock wood, but it feels like it's got legs. Gotta keep pushing until I get it right.

Short workout at the gym. Crowded tonight. Expect it to get worse between now and the New Year, then peak and start dying off again. Should be cleaned out pretty well by the time I get back from SF.

And speaking of SF, got the first of the full page critiques drafted. Feels good knowing all the stories now. Who knows, maybe by the time I ship out I'll have something worthwhile to say.

Nice rejection from the Sycamore Review today of Working to Beat Hell. Figured it'd be a tough sell, so it was good to know it's not being dismissed out of hand. Keep plugging, right?