Hump day...

Wednesday? Already? Can't believe it's mid-week.

Another cold one. Felt like temps were in the 30s pretty much all day. But sunny, so there's something to be said for that. Dug deep today having the morning to myself, and managed some serious revisions on the newest of my untitled pieces. A long one, coming in close to 10,000 words. (Gotta do something about that.) Also worked on a standard format for the SF critiques, which should make the process better and more uniform. Took a break mid-afternoon and hit the gym, getting in a good solid workout. Went out later looking for hardware, and ended up misplacing my glasses. Sheesh. Good thing I have extras.

Wonder what the odds are of a good night's sleep? Been restless for a week now, maybe longer, and besieged by stupid, ugly dreams.