A few wandering thoughts...

Cool today. Didn’t get out much. Dr. Nelson said he spotted two bobcat wandering down the hillside behind his office. Wish I would have gotten there a bit earlier to see them.

Quiet day. Found Walter V.T. Clark’s Oxbow Incident on my nightstand a couple of days ago and decided the time was right to dig in. Never read it before. It’s a bit different than I expected (sixty pages in), but in a nice way. Looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.

Got some lengthy revisions in on “Desperado” this morning. Decided to change the direct narrative to present tense since there’s so much backstory. Felt like a good idea at first, then less so as the work progressed. Particularly in the final scene. Best to let it rest before deciding anything. The end’s been in third person past so long, it may take a while before I can get an accurate read.