Catching up...

Missed a post again yesterday. How did that happen? Too many loose ends, I guess. Anyway, another warm, sunny, spring-like day today. Temps in the sixties. Went for a long walk, then headed out to the office to do some work.

Got a skirt stake marinating back home, and hope to throw it on the grill, bottled gas providing. I think I changed it out mid-summer, but can’t remember anymore. Not to worry. Grill pan indoors will do the trick just as well.

Put in some time shaping a story I’d roughed out on paper back near Christmas. Did a better job with the initial draft than I thought I had. Ending needed some work, but there, too, it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined. Must have five or six pieces near completion now. Just need a few good long runs to see them through.