Ups and downs...

Can’t recall a spring when we’d had this many snowfalls so close together. Looks as if we’ll get upward of a couple of inches tonight. Not thrilled about shoveling the walks and drives again tomorrow, but happy the mountains are getting the moisture.

Finished “The Laughing Monsters” last night and immediately wanted to read it again. Johnson is my kind of writer—a realist with a sharp sense of humor, and the power to set off lyrical pyrotechnics when you least expect them. I love his work. I hope he lives a long time, and never stops writing.

A new HVAC unit was being installed on the office rooftop this morning. Lots of banging and clanging but managed to pull together a halfway decent revision of “Desperado” anyway. Can’t decide if I should try and shorten the piece (it’s coming in at close to 9,000 words), but feel I need the back story to make the direct action credible. We’ll see. One way or another, it needs to be wrapped up.

Need to get the new pieces in the mail. Year started out slow and has all but ground to a halt. No word on stories that are out. Nothing moving forward. Nothing at all.