In and out of time...

4:14 pm. Warming up with a cup of tea. Busy morning finishing a new project, then home for other work. Temps in the 60s today, a bit cool, but managed to get a brief walk and soak up what sun there was before the clouds moved in.

Way behind in my entries after four days on the road. Learned late Friday evening my story “Burn Scar” had been accepted by Kansas City Voices. A lit journal associated with Whispering Prairie Press. The piece was submitted blind, so it was one of those acceptances you appreciate on a different level.

Didn’t write a word while out of town, nor did I do any reading. Usually get antsy when that’s the case, but this time around felt refreshed. Listened to Steinbeck’s Arthur while driving, but having read Le Morte d’Arthur some ten or twelve years ago (and seen Monty Python’s Holy Grail one too many times) I was happy to make an end of it when I got back to the Springs.

Lord Jim has the hook in me now. Took a while to accustom myself to the tone of the narrative—along with the odd paragraph/dialogue breaks—but midway through, I’ve begun to appreciate the genius in it. Still maintain most lit journals, agents, and editors would want to pare it severely if it fell into their hands today.

Writing this earlier than usual in the hope I’ll find my way to the gym this evening and return home too exhausted to write.

Have a couple of radio spots to push out the door tomorrow morning, so need to be up early and get a jump on things. Late in the week looks promising for a return to the world of fiction. Crossing my fingers it turns out that way.