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July 5. Long holiday weekend coming to a close. Worked in yard all day Friday, clearing dead vine and the like from the east side of the house. Made five trips in all to Rocky Top recycling. Cut the lawn(s) later that evening.

Saturday, painted the back of the garage. Saturday night, dinner with the kids. Cheeseburgers and chips. Been dreaming of a good cheeseburger for months, and savored every bite.

Built a fire in the new fireplace last night, and drank red wine and talked until midnight. Neighbors paid a surprise visit. Out wandering.

Wrote a little this morning, revising an old piece I’d like to push out the door. It’s near finished, but still needs polishing. Been putting the words on the back burner while there’s work to do outside, but the yard’s in shape now so maybe I’ll see an uptick in keyboard time.

Bricklayers finished the wall on the east side of the house. Mortar needs to cure a few days, but expect to hang the gates we bought in Santa Fe before Friday.