A midwinter's musing...

Up late. Body must be compensating for the shifts in time zone. Circadian clock and all that. Still feeling a little lazy and find I have to push extra hard to get moving, which is annoying.

Threw down a couple of cups then went to work on projects outstanding. Brochure. Radio. Other jobs with looming deadlines. Spent the morning and better part of the afternoon at the keyboard, but didn't make as much headway as I'd wanted. Fingers crossed I hit stride tomorrow. 

No one in the gym tonight. All home watching football games, I guess. Anyway, nice workout. Snow started to fall just before I got home. Temps had dropped too. Sixty yesterday, so the change is a bit jarring. Nothing to complain about, though, compared to what's going on back east. Those poor souls will be digging out for a month.

A lot of work ahead. That's good. A nice problem to have.