Ventures forth...

Tumbled  out of bed late this morning. Felt good to sleep. Poached egg and toast for breakfast, leisurely conversation over a cup of coffee. 

Started restructuring an old story I'd pulled from circulation, and found instant success in the revision. Still a ways from being a clean draft, but feel I've got a good handle on where it's going and how it's going to play. Glad I stuck with it. Think it's got real promise now. Particularly if I can make it do what it seems to want to do.

No gym today. Drove out to Whole Foods instead and picked up some groceries. Pizza tonight. Salmon tomorrow. Cold winds are blowing in already, so it's good we stocked up. Forecast is for fifteen inches between now and Monday. Be surprised if it happened, but you never know. Whatever gives, we need the moisture. If it's big, it'll just mean snowshoeing next weekend.

Talked about making audio productions of some of the stories on this site. Think it would be the next logical step to getting folks familiar with my work. Gonna make a push to get at least one in place before spring rolls around.