There you go...

Staring some wicked deadlines in the eye. Busy, busy week. Some of it crept up, some of its been out there, lurking for a while. Anyway, good to be busy.

Up early enough to hit the gym--if I wanted to check it 2:30 am. Not sure what exactly woke me, but once up, couldn't get back to sleep. Until 6:00. Hate nights like that. Tossing, turning. Fending off absurd dreams. Slept in till 7:00, worked a little on a new ms., then settled in with little things.

Share a fillet at lunch. Saturday's catch. Haven't had fresh trout in a while, and it was nice. Off to work afterward trying to punch a hole in the paperwork that's gonna come due Friday. Slow start, but a start nonetheless. 

Hit gym late in the afternoon. Didn't have much in the tank after what was supposed to pass as a night's sleep, but enough to get through a passable workout.

Pretty day. Shame to squander it staring at a computer screen, but then not much you can do about it. Heard Jonathan Safran Foer on NPR coming home. Interviewed by Terry Gross. Funny anecdote regarding Maurice Sendak.