Feeling it...

Went dark for a few days. Back tonight. Appointments, meetings, phone calls, a crazy schedule, and new of work all conspired to keep me offline. But that's okay. Have still had at least one high-water moment already this week. 

Pushed a revised version of "Frank the Redeemer" out the door, and will do the same with "Working to Beat Hell" tomorrow. Two big commercial projects finished, too.

Missed most of the day, which looked pretty nice through the lens of the office window, but no complaints. Good to be busy. Good to have work. 

Wrote a letter to Mom before quitting the office, only to have her track me down at the gym. Predictable, right? Good workout anyway. Been getting faster and stronger with the heavy bag. Love the bang I'm getting from the gloves. Crisp, sharp, substantive.