Looking at a cold snap...

More crazy doings. Woke to the strangest email, a note from an old acquaintance. A client. Lost, now found. Haven't had a chance to write back yet, but was pleased she looked me up. Been wondering about her for years.

Send off my three B&T critiques late this morning, then took over domestic responsibilities. Comings, goings, all day. Didn't even make it to the office things were so back and forth. Can't believe it's Friday already.

Carpenters show up tomorrow morning to begin framing. Wondering how far they'll get before they throw up their hands in frustration over the power shortage in the garage. Takes nothing to trip the breaker. We'll see how they fare. Should be a day, day and a half job, tops. But it's supposed to be cold as hell tomorrow, so we'll see.

Tree isn't completely dressed out in ornaments yet, but given the amount of running around that's been going on it isn't surprising. Tomorrow's gotta see the end of it.