Warming up to Christmas...

Big doings yesterday. Work. DMV. Workout. Dinner guests. 

Girl at driver's bureau, looking at my old license while transferring information to my new one: "Would you still like your hair color to be brown?" Me (sighing): "Yes. Although that ship appears to have sailed."

Great company last night. The beef Wellington was cooked to perfection, and yet it lacked. Or maybe it was just me. I hate it the food Nazis have absconded with my salt shaker. Anyway, splendid time with wonderful people.

Up later than usual after a night of wine and revelry, but up nonetheless. Spent the early part of the day around the house, looking after little things, the off to the office to catch up on correspondence, etc. 

Looking forward to a quiet evening at home. A quiet rest-of-week if I can manage. 

My contributor copies of "Missing" arrived late this afternoon. Lovely looking issue of Willard & Marple. Need to order more!

Lots of sun today, warm temps. Would lay odds we're snowless come Christmas, especially with the forecast calling for moderate weather.