The Day after...

Off the grid the last three days. Much company, little reflection. Managed to type a word or two, but far fewer than hoped. Thought I'd find a way to ramp up today, but have fallen ill again and couldn't muster the energy. Congestion, coughing, fever, aches, and lethargy. 

Spoke to my mom last night, and she sounded well. Lots of company from what I could make out over the phone. Didn't get a whole lot in the way of news, but very often that's the way you want it.

Bad winds the last couple of nights, but they seem to have subsided for a while. Did they come early this year, or is it my imagination?

Pressing ahead wit The Big Sky, though I haven't had much time to read. Fascinating book. Well crafted, but in some ways it falls on the ear like a 50s western. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying it so much.

Have a few loose ends to tie up for clients, and figure to do it tomorrow. Work, hit the gym, then come home and rest. Big longing as I write this. Big. Weariness brings out the strangest emotions.