Staying frosty...

It's coming on six, and I don't know where the day went. Spent most of it reading, writing critiques, sending off personal correspondence. Soon as I finished, five new pieces came in from N. Gonna have to buckle down to survive the week.

Got some Christmas decorations up, but didn't quite manage the tree. That'll have to come tomorrow when it warms up a bit. Otherwise I'll be busy chiseling block ice off the trunk.

Trip to Lowes later this afternoon, pricing doors, sheet rock, etc. Steve the carpenter comes out tomorrow to bid on the framing. Tim the electrician after that. Project looks as if it's taking off. Nothing left now but to hemorrhage money and kill ourselves with artificial deadlines.

Sinus infection still here. Damn. Hope the antibiotics start kicking in soon. Would like to get a good night's sleep for a change. If I'm up early tomorrow, might just strike out for the gym in the cold.