Prospects for the weekend...

Blue skies all day. Beautiful. Snow close to being gone now, but still a good day or two away. Into the office a little after eight. Finished a readable draft of "Unseen" then went on to do some research on a new draft I'm tentatively calling "Donor." Fairly productive, all things considered. Also managed to get four drafts of "Beggar's Banquet" in the mail.

Looks like a warm weekend in the making. Been talking about a drive up to Leadville, so who knows? Maybe it'll happen. Pretty drive. Be nice to get back up into the mountains again. Last time there, all sorts of goings on. Fond memories, for sure.

Like to dig into a short story this weekend (Someone else's). Have a hardcover commemorative volume of BASS on the nightstand I haven't been able to crack yet (beyond the front matter), and that might be a good place to start. Have gone back and read a few pieces from Thom Jones's collection, The Pugiliist at Rest this week. Wow. Really liked the guy's work.