In and out...

Another unseasonably warm day. All but a few pockets of snow left in the neighborhood. Worked on revise of "Morphosis" this morning. Trying to get the voice right. It's a short-short piece, but that makes the task all the more daunting. Did some good work, then went off to see a movie. 

Hit the gym around 2:00, back home by 3:30. Put in time on an old draft I'd abandoned a couple of years ago. Had meant to get back to it, but misplaced the file. Reading it, found some good stuff. Maybe it's a blessing it went missing. Saw right off what needed to be fixed and leapt in. Will take a while to make it right, but was pleased to see that most of the real work will be in the opening pages. The end is actually pretty strong already.

Out to dinner with guests tonight. Need to shower and dress. More later.