Enough already...

Must have been a foot of snow out there this morning. Shoveled like hell and dumped it on the grass. Streets are a mess. Gonna take a few solid days of sunshine and warm weather to even put a dent in things. Forecast calls for fifty-some degrees come the weekend. If we get it, we'll be looking at a mountain of slush.

Close to finished with the "Beggar's Banquet" draft. Really like the changes I've made over the past few days. I knew there was a story under all the horse shit, and am glad I hung tight with it. Think it's got potential now. Feels like it, anyway. Will let it sit for a couple of days then go back and have another look-see.

Made it to the gym late afternoon, but didn't have much in the tank. Maybe it was all the snow shoveling this morning. Will hit it hard tomorrow if I can. 

Picked up the new glasses. Still not right, but at this point, three passes in, I didn't figure it would get any better. So I took them. They'll be find for reading, but lousy for anything beyond about three feet. Abba Eyecare, never again.