Moving sideways...

Close. Close on at least four stories, but all an arm's length from being in the mail. Niggling details. Last minute additions. Etc. Trying to find a balance between elevation and ornament. The best thing is to clean them up, send them out and move on. But for some reason they're reluctant to go. Maybe I'm asking them to do too much.

Good day, workwise. Not a lot of time to spend on fiction, but paying projects were in abundance. Got over to the park late in the day. Enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. Hit the gym after five, but too many people around for a good workout. Need to start earlier, when no one's there.

Long conversation with an old friend this morning. News not good. Son's in a bad way. Hard to swallow those things as you get older. Time's never your friend, but at the same time it's the only remedy to most of life's difficulties.