The fire this time...

Would have killed to spend the day in bed. But it wasn't in the cards. (Sigh.)

New fires busting out all over the state. Only one I can't feel bad about is the Beaver Creek burn up at the Colorado/Wyoming border. Routt National Forest was savaged by bark beetles years ago, and was always a sad drive. Made me heartbroken every time I passed through.

Skies are brown orange again, the way the were the summer of the Waldo Canyon. I hate giving up a single day of my life, but I'm waiting for fall now. Pressing my hands together, hoping we don't lose anymore than we have.

Feel like I'm coming down with a bad case of the blues. One that's gonna stick around for a while.

Read Denis Johnson's "Largess of the Sea Maiden" today. Wow. Got to me in a huge way. Just kept building and building. You don't have to be an old man to appreciate it, but if you are, it doesn't hurt. It's like meeting up with a kindred spirit who says, it's all right, brother. It's all right. Go easy.