Off the ropes and counterpunching...

Good day all around. Fog burned off, got a little work done outside, and killed it at the keyboard. Finished reading and taking notes on two new stories for N. Good pieces, both. One struck a particularly nice profile. Looking forward to kicking it upstairs and seeing what a different editor thinks.

Worked till mid-afternoon, then went off to do a bit of shopping. Lanterns for the backyard. Beer and wine for tomorrow's guests. Hope the weather clears a little more. Don't mind the come and go of clouds, but the humidity isn't any fun. Would like to go fishing this weekend, but know it would be a mistake, given it's the Fourth. Later, I guess.

Missing folks greatly today. Not sure why. But want to keep focused on the good, the present. Still looking for that special cup of Starbucks. Nearly had it, but it slipped away at the last second. 

Here's to Saturday night.