It's hot. And other observations...

To the gym early. Home, then office. Smoke haze over the mountain all day. Not sure if it's from our fire or the big one in LA.

Spent the better part of the morning working on branding projects for a new client. Caught up on some long overdue correspondence too. Made a few minor revisions to some story material, then back home to look after small things.

Bummed about my lawn. Heat, sun, and the lack of rain has taken its toll. Maybe I can revive it before fall. Don't know. Hard walking out the door every day and seeing the damage. Will grieve the loss of those old silver maples for as long as I live. The new ash trees have come back from the hail damage of two years ago, but they're still a long way away from making any meaningful difference.

Started critiques on two stories for N. Have read them all now, and believe none will make the cut. All were passionately written, but flawed in different ways. I was particularly taken with one piece, a story about a Yanqui rancher in South America, and it may yet earn a promotion. The second or third read will tell.

Late trip to the mattress store in search of a box spring. Sun was waning, but the skies were still hazy with smoke. Fingers crossed it cools off before the next passel of guests descends upon us.

Tired. Thinky. Sick of the heat. Going to kick back and pour myself a drink. Wait and see what tomorrow brings.