I'll think about that tomorrow...

Put in a nice, comfortable round of work today. With one exception. Didn't get as much time to noodle with my own stories as I would have liked. 

Made it to the gym early. Home in time for coffee and a quick shower, then off to the Beidleman center for a long walk in the woods with the little guy. Had a good time. Learned that "hoppers are scary," it's cooler when you walk in the shade, and no one one the planet obeys leash laws.

Saw a nice environmental bumper sticker as we were leaving: FRANKLY MY DEAR, I DON'T WANT A DAM.

In the office by 1:00. Read two new N stories by special request, and wrote reviews. Also posted the Philharmonic work, and had copyright agreements notarized for the UCCS fight song.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Too tired to write anymore tonight.