Up to my ears, suddenly.

New projects in and out the door all day. Tomorrow looks to be a carbon copy. Happy about the work, as always, but need to stay ahead of things or it could all end up in a train wreck. 

Nice note from M.C. last night, complimenting the quality and volume of work I've been putting in. An unexpected surprise, for sure. Coming from someone of his stature, quite the nod. Makes me wonder if I'm not on the right track after all.

Slow gains on the deep sea story. It's taken a lot of fiddling around to get the first five hundred words in order, but I think it's getting close.

Gym overrun this morning. Skipped rope in a corner while a guy behind me swung kettles, and a guy to my left chucked around a medicine ball. Crazy.

Storm coming in tonight? Feels like it.