The list goes on...

Good day at the keyboard. Got scripts out of the way, managed some billing, made a number of productive revisions to the Hawaii story (tentatively titled "Oceans Apart"), and logged a rejection on "Dead Drift."

Early day at the gym, early day at the office, then day early home to look after small things. Mid morning meeting tomorrow to discuss video scripts, and production.

Weather's been cooling off, though it may have made it into the eighties this afternoon. Not sure. Only know I didn't need to run the AC, which was nice. Prime fishing weather in the cards, and fingers crossed I can take advantage. More guests coming in over the weekend, so we'll see what the gods are willing to dispense with, favorwise.

Is it crazy I'm still dogged by the memory of my old fishing vest? Wonder if it'll ever turn up? Stranger things have happened, I guess.